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As Australia’s appreciation of its past matures, and as local, state and federal governments legislate to conserve and protect sites of historical and cultural value, owners and developers must consider the heritage and cultural value of their assets. Our team’s extensive experience on heritage projects allows us to assist owners and architects by providing structural advice in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Careful assessment of existing loading conditions to control cracking and stress distribution when altering load paths to accommodate proposed alterations and additions.
  • Knowledge of modern construction technologies and temporary support systems to assist with alterations and additions to heritage structures, e.g. Pre-loading and pre-deflecting new structures supporting heritage elements.
  • Knowledge of historical material properties and methods of testing materials both on-site and in laboratories due to aging and deterioration.
  • Knowledge of historical building practices to predict existing load paths.
  • Experience in researching technical papers and superseded standards to source current building practices and design philosophies.
  • Analysis and assessment of vibration-sensitive structures for occupant comfort and proposed construction techniques that are sympathetic to the heritage value of the building.
  • Careful planning and staging of heritage buildings for alterations and additions to minimise disruption to owners/occupiers and allow uninterrupted operation of existing facilities.
  • Engaging with key stakeholders, user groups and consultants to better understand the heritage and cultural value to control the structural modifications.
  • Full BIM integration with design team.