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Retail projects come with interesting challenges that stimulate and engage our team and can range from alterations, additions to new developments. Our team’s extensive experience on these projects has allowed the development of specific skills and knowledge in areas such as:

  • Effective design of concrete carparking roofs for water tightness above retail tenancies.
  • Vibration-sensitive design for floors subject to human vibration including rhythmic activities from gymnasiums.
  • Masonry tenancy separation walls with stiffeners due to large floor-to-floor heights.
  • Future-proofing structures to meet project principal requirements and accommodate expansion of retail areas.
  • Coordination with services consultants to integrate and route building services vertically and horizontally through structure.
  • Crowd impact loading considerations to balustrades.
  • Full BIM integration with design team.

Other Considerations:

  • Column positions set-out for carparking/retail/aligning elements.
  • Moment resisting sway frames.
  • Structural steelwork roofs at joint locations.
  • Shop fronts and glazing design.